Want to stop hair loss?

Hair loss can be caused by many factors. Ranging from stress, genetic makeup, hair products that do not match, or bad nutrition.

One way to overcome hair loss terampuh is the treatment from the inside. The key thing is the nutrients needed to get stronger hair and a healthy scalp.

Here are some types of supplements that should be consumed, reported by hair loss sufferers from Vitamins e-Store.

Biotin (vitamin B7)

Biotin supplements are considered effective in preventing hair loss. Biotin helps strengthen the follicles of the hair so that it does not break easily. According to the results of research, biotin is most effective in preventing loss when consumed with zinc supplements.

Vitamin C

Levels of DHT, a byproduct of testosterone that avail high is the most common causes of hair loss. This men's main hormone genes associated with the production of a protein called DKK-1, causes the death of the cells of the hair.

Studies have shown that vitamin C can inhibit the production of protein DKK-1 and stimulates the production of hair cells. Furthermore, the activity of the antioxidant vitamin C protects the hair follicles of the oxidative stress that weaken the strength of the hair.

Vitamin D

According to the study, vitamin D helps regulate genes that control the growth of normal hair follicles. To prevent hair loss, 4000 IU vitamin D intake on a regular basis can help stop the hair loss.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E supplements help in improving blood circulation which helps prevent hair loss occurs because the hair follicles do not get enough nourishment from the blood stream.

Vitamin E also helps protect hair follicles from oxidative damage and inflammation.

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