Top 3 Beauty Women in Vietnam 2018

Previously we have already showcase figure Dang Thu Thao, the most beautiful woman beauty queen in Viet Nam. And it turns out that many still waiting for the women of this country who have not yet we know.

According to some surveys, Viet Nam is one of the countries with the largest number of beautiful women in Asia. The expatriates who live there admitted the natural beauty of women in Viet Nam.

Here we show the prettiest women in Viet Nam based on polling conducted in the country.

1. Mai Phuong Thuy

Mai was a model who began her career from beauty contest Miss Viet Nam. She won the title of Miss Viet Nam tenth and represents his birthplace in Miss World.

Now middle Mai to explore acting. The first film employed is Negative. He is also actively involved in various social activities.

The pretty-faced this sensual had controversy because posed nude for artist Tran Huy Hoan. But not much seems to be Mai's career was disrupted by the scandal.

2. Midu

Dang Thi My Dung who is better known by the name of Midu public is an American actress and model. Female birth 5 October 1989 it has a lot of talent. In addition to roles in films such as weighted Heroes fo Heroes hosts Victor Vu and Mother, he also became a writer. Profession as a businessman not to discharge him jajal.

Midu is alumni University of Architecture with diplomas in the field of fashion design in Ho Chi Minh City. He had submitted his design fashion-themed collection of Mysterious Tibet in Vietnam's Next Top Model contest. Now he's opening a boutique that sells shirts design your own

3. My Huyen

This 22 year old woman born with small Nguyen Huyen Tran name My. He is the holder of the title of Miss Viet Nam 2014 and recently became the runner-up in the election of the beauty queen Miss Grand International 2017. The pageant was won by Dea Goesti Rizkita it also rewards Healthy and Beauty to My Huyen.

Women with a body as high as 174 centimeters tall is known as a model on the catwalk. His name is entered in the list of Global Beauties are in the top 30.

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