Difference Smoothing and Rebonding

More than 55% of women in United States have wavy or curly hair types with different levels. This hair type, in the recent years are considered less fashionable because it is more difficult to manage. Therefore, many of them then tried to change the type of real hair to straighten them by using a special hair care techniques.

As for straightening curly hair, is known there are two treatments that can be selected. Both of these techniques are smoothing and rebonding. Is smoothing technique and rebonding it? How is the difference between the two? To know the answer, see the following article!

Smoothing and Rebonding difference smoothing and rebonding difference lies in several ways, ranging from the method, price, effects, long treatment process, long endurance results, as well as the type of hair that matched the specifications. Put simply, the difference between smoothing and rebonding you can see in the following table!

1. The difference in results for smoothing and rebonding
The difference lies in the results. Smoothing is a method of straightening the hair straight with a yield looks more natural appearance, while the hair straightening process using rebonding technique will result in a broken straight hair. To compare straight hair rebonding and smoothing results, you can see in the picture below.

2. Differences in Effects 
The risk of failure rebonding hair straightening techniques tend to be higher, especially if the drug is used a lower quality (KW) or if the wrong way. While smoothing tend to be more easily carried out and the cost of failure is also relatively minimal.

3. Difference smoothing and rebonding in process
Rebonding less time-consuming, which only takes about 2-3 hours, while smoothing be longer, namely between 3-3.5 hours.

4. Differences in Long Endurance Results
Smoothing and rebonding differences can also be seen from the resilience of the resulting second straight hair. In general, rebonding will make straight hair into a long-term (permanent) or rather until the hair starts to grow lengthwise.

While the smoothing, the resulting straight hair can still be formed and modified in accordance with the wishes.

5. Hair Type Rate Differences hair curliness different people.
There are people whose hair has curls severe levels, there are also people whose hair curls only partially. Well, for curls of different levels, then we should be able to adjust hair straightening technique which we choose.

Rebonding hair straightening technique is suitable for curly hair with a severe level. While smoothing should be selected by you have curly hair partly with indentations being. Now that is some difference smoothing and rebonding can we explain.

Hopefully after reading this article, you so have an idea in choosing hair care techniques which one would you choose according to your needs.

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